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Kurtis Live
Northern NSW artist, KURTIS this week releases the following up single to his critically acclaimed debut live album. Titled "BETTER THAN THE REAL THING" this high energy song KURTIS attibutes to his soul influences ranging from Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder to Earth Wind and Fire.

KURTIS graduated from Southern Cross University in Lismore with a B.A majoring in songwriting- "My music is true to how i live my life, and my songs reflect that honesty.. I write from my heart"...

"BETTER THAN THE REAL THING" was produced by Jellyfish, aka- Michael Stangel and Dave Nicholas (ARIA"S 2006 Producer of the Year) and is to be released on KURTIS's label Marli Records, distributed through MGM.

The single along with four different club mixes, has been selling in stores around Australia since October and lot's of people have been downloading the single from itunes and you should read the raves fans are saying. Remixed by influential producers, rephrase, Jeremy Joshua, Ramesh and Endorphin, they will also be released on vinyl.

Last year KURTIS released a debut album "foundations" through Roadshow/Sony, which was well recieved nationally. He toured his 10 piece band up and down the East Coast and made an impact with his appearances at some of Australia's best known Festivals- including the EAST COAST BLUES AND ROOTS. He was also a finalist in the ten Nextwork/Coca Cola New Talent Contest, and was Music Max's Special New Artist in December 05.

KURTIS loves to perform and his shows are always a turn on to dacing audiences everywhere.

Robert Raymond - Blue Seas Mangement
Phone: 02 6687 5511 o417779750
Email: rraymond@nor.com.au

Russel Thomas - KAOS
Phone: 02 9380 4621
Email: russell@kaosman.com.au
Email: info@kaosman.com.au -Tim Kean

Suzie Mylecharane - KU Promotions
Phone: 02 6684 7921 0412140320
Email: kupromo@bigpond.net.au

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Kicking ON 'In The Press'

With a tight and funky sound, a new line-up and our CD “Foundations” to be launched at the 2007 East Coast Blues and Roots Festival.

'Kurtis’ time has arrived!

Our new single “Better Than The Real Thing” with its music video has already created the following buzz:

• MTV Europe with 480 million viewers have chosen to feature Kurtis as hot new talent for their program “Leak”, including a 15 minute interview. They have also used Kurtis for 10 program ID’s...

• MTV Europe have chosen Kurtis’ video clip of “Better Than The Real Thing” for their NEW phone downloading system (already with 3 million users).

• ITunes and MTV are currently negotiating a collaboration to launch Kurtis into the European market.

• Foxtel Australia (Arena cable channel) has chosen his latest single “Better Than The Real Thing” to open their daily Entertainment News program “Exclusive”.

• Nova Australia-Wide has added KURTIS’ single to their playlist.

• The video for the song is being played by Video Hits and Chanel V.

• Qantas has chosen the track to be part of their in-flight program.

• Kurtis was one of four finalists who performed at the Commercial Radio New Artists to Radio showcase (NA2R) in October 2006. This year the event was open only to unsigned Australian artists.

• Finalist in the Ten Network/Coca Cola New Talent Contest ‘05.

• Kurtis was presented by Music Max as their Special New Artist in December ‘05.

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Sammy Here

hi there, hanging out with my brother, talking shit, we thought we would say hi to all.Our new single is getting out there, and the band is ready to hit the road, Where bringing out our live album within the next few weeks and can't wait to play some shows. If you want to here some new tunes go to our myspace, just follow the link.

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The News. K Style

Hey everyone . It's been a great month, we were one of the finalist in the commercial radio.com . We went to Sydney and played at Luna Park we another three bands , we didn't win but it was a great night. Our new single has been added around the country and the video has been playing on Video hits, Rage and Channnel V. Life is good and we are looking forward to the next month.

Our live album is coming out next week with the new studio single, be sure to check it out

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A Busy Week!!!

Hey life is really crazy at the moment just brought out our new single along with a very funky film clip. thankyou everybody for your support on my myspace. it's been great. So busy i have to go again, but will return tonight!

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We're Back

We have been away for a while but now feel ready to come back into the music scene as we call it. The band has a new line up which is very exciting and a lot of new material which is just awesome.
In the next month will we be releasing a new single “Better than the real thing” which we recorded in Geelong with the boy’s from Jellyfish, and mixed in Sydney at 301 studios. Along with the single will be four remixes of the song which all sound amazing, I want to thank Remesh, Jeremey, Eric, and Jaime for the time and effort, not forgetting their talent...

As something special for this release we have printed 500 limited copies on Vinyl which is very cool, we would love this track to work in the clubs, it’s very up and very funky. The Vinyl will consist of the single, plus the four remixes. Exciting stuff.

Over the past 3 months we have been working on a video clip for the new single. I don’t want to say to much but it looks fantastic and I think a few people will get a real surprise at the new direction we are taking, it’s eye candy all the way, if you know what I mean. The people involved were amazing and at the end of the shoot everyone was like: That was sexy, did I say that! Thank you to all those involved, it was a great two days, we will be having a screening real soon.

Over the last six months there has been a real explosion on the net and we have found ourselves like everybody else, in a position where if you want to get yourself out there then you must be a part of this phenomenon. So like everybody else we have a MySpace site, and have also posted a lot of videos on YouTube, which is a history to date of what we’ve done and where we have been. Some of it is real funny and some, well I‘ll leave that to your imagination.

We are going to be releasing the single through MGM ,which will have all four remixes on it, the clip, and soon the album which will be our first studio album, Yeehah. Stay tuned to this page for the latest in our world and what’s in store for you guy’s and girls.

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