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We're Back

We have been away for a while but now feel ready to come back into the music scene as we call it. The band has a new line up which is very exciting and a lot of new material which is just awesome.
In the next month will we be releasing a new single “Better than the real thing” which we recorded in Geelong with the boy’s from Jellyfish, and mixed in Sydney at 301 studios. Along with the single will be four remixes of the song which all sound amazing, I want to thank Remesh, Jeremey, Eric, and Jaime for the time and effort, not forgetting their talent...

As something special for this release we have printed 500 limited copies on Vinyl which is very cool, we would love this track to work in the clubs, it’s very up and very funky. The Vinyl will consist of the single, plus the four remixes. Exciting stuff.

Over the past 3 months we have been working on a video clip for the new single. I don’t want to say to much but it looks fantastic and I think a few people will get a real surprise at the new direction we are taking, it’s eye candy all the way, if you know what I mean. The people involved were amazing and at the end of the shoot everyone was like: That was sexy, did I say that! Thank you to all those involved, it was a great two days, we will be having a screening real soon.

Over the last six months there has been a real explosion on the net and we have found ourselves like everybody else, in a position where if you want to get yourself out there then you must be a part of this phenomenon. So like everybody else we have a MySpace site, and have also posted a lot of videos on YouTube, which is a history to date of what we’ve done and where we have been. Some of it is real funny and some, well I‘ll leave that to your imagination.

We are going to be releasing the single through MGM ,which will have all four remixes on it, the clip, and soon the album which will be our first studio album, Yeehah. Stay tuned to this page for the latest in our world and what’s in store for you guy’s and girls.


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